Vahid Behzadi, an employment agent at Cybercoders, contacted me regarding an exclusive opportunity. After a few lengthy conversations with the agent, I was able to get an interview with the CEO. After passing the 1st round of interviewing, I landed a second interview. Up till that point, the agent assured me he would keep me posted with feedback and next steps. After an initial follow up on my part to obtain feedback, I received no response from agent. I left additional voice mails, sent emails and continued to get no response.

Now, coming from an agent that was touting the "reputation" of Cybercoders, which, according to him has several executive-level exclusive opportunities resulting from their outstanding services, I found this agent to be about as hypocritical as one can get. No response at all. It's understood that most interviews don't work out for one reason or another. Common courtesy along, leaving aside an expected minimum level of professionalism, should require a simple returned status to the prospective candidate.

Due to this agent's proclaimed standing in a supposedly highly reputable agency, this doesn't speak well for this company.

Plenty of agencies out there. Cybercoders is one to avoid.

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I had exactly the same experience.Check ripoff reports on this company.

They appear to be a total scam, but at the least are completely unprofessional and a waste of time. I would recommend avoiding all recruiters as they are all a waste of time. You can get great company info on sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn...

and apply directly to the right companies.Recruiters are nothing, but bottom feeders and unnecessary, expensive middlemen.

Anaheim, California, United States #732822

Cybercoders is just a pack of circus clowns that add absolutely ZERO value to anyone looking for a job.Tons of spam for openings without any real "recruiting" for the positions they send out.

They do not respond to inquiries about the positions they send to you.Hey circus clowns, pack up the tents and petting zoo and hit the road, cause you SUCK!


Cybercoders have been spamming me with the same non-existing job for like 3 years.I've gotten real jobs through real agencies.

Cybercoders is a joke.:(

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #691673

I am speaking out of several attempts to work with Cybercoders:

This company has absolutely no tact for professionalism, nor do I believe they even possess 30% of the jobs that they list.

From my direct experience searching for jobs in 2009 after graduating from college, as well as in 2012 when searching for jobs after leaving a Fortune 16 company, and recently while again looking for another opportunity, they have NEVER produced a listing that was available or that I was a 'good match for their client.'

Their recruiters' profiles are always "Wharton MBA" or "Harvard Business" graduates, who somehow all ended up working for a sub-par recruiting agency instead of JPMC, PwC, Citi, etc etc.

After submitting a resume for one of their job-listings recently that I was perfectly qualified for, I received an automated rejection-response that was obviously part of some batch-process with {placeholders} inserted in the email template for my ${name} and the ${job-title}.

I submitted a fake resume to test out a theory that I had, and bumped up the number of years of experience and added a few fake companies to it. I submitted the resume, and received the exact same rejection-response on the fake gmail account that I used.

Both my application, and the fake application, received an email the following day for a Javascript developer position that was paying half of what was advertised on the original posting I applied for, which...

I hope this speaks volumes to everyone else out there who is looking at their amazing jobs that they have listed on their website. They look amazing, the advertised salaries are too good to be true--

And in this life, if it seems too good to be true... you know it is.

Work with your local recruiters, they are the ones with the real jobs for your area-code. Yes, they are all ***; but so are lawyers. Necessary evils will always be just that--necessary.

Cheers ,)

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Cybercoders is a joke.Totally unprofessional.

More than once I'd get an email telling me how perfect I am for a position, I email back to ask a question and get no response.

The other day I got a call from one of their recruiters telling me about how I'm an awesome fit for an awesome job and as she's going over my resume she notices I don't have one of the buzzword requirements and abruptly ends the call.:roll

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #612230

Don't *** of CyberCoders. You'll get black balled by them, and they carry at least 65% of the job posting out there.

to BlackBalled Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #657014

Really?!!Skakin" in my shoes.

Cybercoders are a bunch of low paid, low (or no)ability recruiters.

I once asked the agent what his qualifications were after reviewing mine and he was indignant;)

They may occasionally match one of my skills, but it seems they just spam and shotgun people.In the SPAM folder they go!

Los Altos, California, United States #586334

I do know that the recruiters will lie to you to get their check.I find it very odd too that they don't put their phone numbers on the site for the recruiters too.

I had a situation where a recruiter lied to me to get me started at a company later to find out from my hiring manager said that the recruiter said I wanted to start right away.That was rather embarrassing because I appeared desparate for the job.I spoke to people inside my company to also find out that they won't use that recruiter anymore for other reasons.


I notice that people blame the agency when they don't get the job.I'm sure the company did't find any body better for the job, it was just to spite you.

I also find it funny that people apply online for thousands of jobs, yet the only interviews they ever receive are the ones set up by recruiters.Interesting.


he wasnt far off.this job site is totally crooked.

They get illegal indian immigrants to apply for coding jobs. Also advertise jobs they dont have. I applied for a job on another website, and somehow my resume ended up on theirs.

I did not, nor would i have put my resume on their site.thus this should be illegal if its not

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